Airline API

We’ve built two tools specific for the airline industry that assist with real-time communication with passengers by conjoining standard flight API’s with hotel API’s.

Twilio SMS API Integration

We built a text-messaging based platform that allows airlines (and hotels) to automate notifications to their passengers.  The API can seamlessly toggle between an API.AI framework (an automated chatbot response) and a human operator (via a CRM like Intercom).

The SMS integration on the Twilio API received a shout out from the Intercom engineering & development team:

This deep SMS integration has served as the foundation for our airline products, as it is unique in conjoining an airline API & a flight API, two silos of information that typically don’t communicate with each other.

IAG, British Airways, and Aer Lingus

We presented the integration of flight API’s & hotel API’s in London to the CEO’s of IAG, British Airways, and Aer Lingus, who are sitting in the front row.

Our tool helps airlines automate their communication & workflow by:

  • downloading passenger records from the Sabre / Amadeus API in real-time
  • verifying passenger contact details and whether they are travelling in groups using a chatbot
  • viewing real-time hotel availability & pricing surrounding the airport
  • automatically inserting guest reservations into the PMS of hotels
  • connecting ground transportation vendors passenger
  • handling invoicing & payment for hotel & transportation vendors
  • immediately providing real-time updates via SMS to passengers

Being able to connect hundreds of passenger records to hotel rooms & ground transportation in real-time is very complex.

Each stage of the flight disruption is currently handled manually, which means that a small group of airline employees is overwhelmed when thousands of passengers are currently stranded at the airport.

Verifying passenger contact details.
Unfortunately, most PNR contact details (such as email address & phone number) are not accurate, which means that ground crew going person-to-person is currently the only way to verify passenger details. We’ve designed a system that uses a chatbot & a mobile web browser to aggregate the information as quickly as possible, allowing the ground crew to focus on vulnerable segments like the elderly & international travelers.

Accessing hotel inventory & automating the reservation process
Airlines typically must call each hotel one-by-one to check inventory, and hotels typically have no idea whether a small group or several busloads of passengers will be arriving. We’ve developed a system that eliminates any need for interaction by electronically inserting reservations directly to the hotel, giving them enough time to prepare rooms & keys for a large group of guests.

A portal for hotels & ground transportation
We’ve created an incredibly easy-to-use portal for ground transportation & hotels to view an evolving list of passengers in real-time, ensuring that information flows seamlessly between all stakeholders.


A live demo of the product is available on