Revenue Management


Our most unique feature is the ability to power a hotel’s dynamic pricing through a Google API.

We had originally started by designing an interface on Switch that allowed hotel revenue managers to drag & drop components to build their our dynamic pricing algorithms, but that effort feel short.

Ultimately, we noticed that even our own employees were simply reverting to spreadsheets once the pricing algorithms grew to a certain complexity, so instead of trying to fight this, we embraced it.

How does the Google API work?

It’s quite simple, actually.

Most hotels have some variation of the spreadsheet below:


What we built was a proprietary Google API that directly linked a hotel’s OTA’s to an Excel spreadsheet.  This means that any prices & figures on these spreadsheets will automatically update in real-time to hundreds of booking websites.

All hotels have a spreadsheet that contains their expected revenue & occupancy, cross-referenced with the dates.  Hotels can continue using these spreadsheets since it’s what they’re comfortable using.

Our app includes an inline Facebook group chat that allows our users to trade their pricing templates and give feedback on their P(0) and P(1) variables.

We’ve been able to build a wonderful community of revenue managers who now talk in the same language that we created, and we get them started by open sourcing the pricing matrixes.

We have descending inventory pricing matrix templates for AirBNB, starter templates for properties that are starting to dabble in dynamic pricing, and then advanced templates for large hotels & power users.